Itahari: Itahari's famed Skill Campus has awarded six tourism professionals and organizations. In an event titled ''Hospitality Awards and Welcome and Farewell Program 2079 BS' organized on 26 July 2022 at Royal Resort of Itahari, the campus has awarded four organizations and two tourism professionals.

Four organizational awardees include Sasthm College of Biratnagar, UN College of Dharan, Sechha Group of Companies of Dharan, Pride Hospitality of Itahari. Two tourism professional awardees include Krishna Shah, the member at Nepal Tourism Board and tourism journalist Birat Anupam.

The awards was handed by Chief Guest Minister for Transportation Management and Communication of Province No. 1 Upendra Ghimire and CEO of the Skill Campus Prithvi Raj Parajuli.  Students doing their best in varied categories were also prized on the eve of the program, which also offered some cultural and modern dancing programs.

Established in 2015 BS, Skill Campus of Itahari has popular skill-based programs on hotel and hospitality sector. The college team is also known as the pioneer in the cafe and coffee culture in Itahari.