Itahari (RSS):  Itahari is busy on election affairs. However, for the theater artists of Itahari, it is their time for theater show. The show is also not about election. It is the play titled 'Refund' which is included in Grade 11 syllabus. Directed by Prajal Dulal, that play is all about a frustrated school student Gopal Khatri who demands refund of his educational expenses which his family spent for his schooling.   He is frustrated for his incompetency in the job market and blames the wrong schooling for this.

The roughly 1-hour-long play is played by nine artists of Kalalaya Itahari, the only active theatre organization in Itahari. Nine artists include Sushma Bhattarai, Hima Poudel, Manil Neupane, Bikash Shrestha, Karan Pyakurel, Himal Niraula, Prajal Dulal, Devid Bista and Binaya Koirala.

The play will be played for five days starting from Friday. Expect on Saturdays' 1 pm and 4 pm show time, all shows would be played at 4 pm in the Tayaripchi Hall of Kirat Rai Yayokhkha which is located on the bank of Budhikhola of Itahari-6.

''We were speculating the potential theater footfalls as this is election time'', said Sonu Jayanti, the chairperson of Kalalaya Itahari. He addded, ''But, we encouraged by hall-packed audience since our first show.'' Tickets for this play are sold at Rs. 100, 200, 500 and 1000 respectively.