Birat Anupam

Itahari, February 3 (RSS): Author duo Arjunbabu Mabuhang and Amit Thebe have come up with research-based book on writings of Srijanga, Phalgunanda and Iman Singh Chemjong. Recently published by UK-based Siddha Kumari Thebe, the 214-page volume will be formally launched on Thursday at Hotel Star Purbi of Dharan. The launching ceremony was hosted by Tangsing Media and Research Private Limited on Thursday afternoon, informed Amit Thebe, one of the authors of the book.

''It is a decade of rigorous research works'', remarked author dup in the book. They said they had extensively travelled to districts of East Nepal and various parts of Sikkim state of India where Limbu heritage are rooted. Authors have published glossy pictures of their field visits to the Limbu heartlands in both Nepal and India (Sikkim).

The book is published in two language, Yakthung Sirijanga and Nepali script. They have placed original script, have transcribed into Nepali and described about its contexts.

Sirijanga is the pioneer of Yakthung script, which is the official ethnic script of Yakthung Limbu folks of all over the world. Phalgunanda is the national luminary of Nepal who also widely used Yakthung Sirijanga script in his social campaigns. Iman Singh Chemjong is the first noted and widely known scholar and historian of Kirati language, tradition and the likes.