Pathari:Located at a northern Morang section of East-West Highway, for travelers, Pathari bazara was mainly known for its transit location to embark on a journey to northern hills of Morang like Jante and Samling, among others. Pathari has added new identity as travelling stopover point of East-West Highway. This is owing to a newly constructed park inside Shree Shanti Bhulke Wetland. The wetland falls under Shanti Community Forest which was formally established in 2056 BS.

According to Kul Bahadur Gurung, the chairperson of the community forest, the park receives 200 visitors in an average day. During Nepali picnicking months of Poush and Magh, Gurung said, the park receives huge crowds. The park has multiple facilities like boating, picnicking, Children Park, free wifi, jungle walks, bird-watching, among others. Bhulke Dewi temple is another famed attraction inside the park.  

Purna Limbu, a recent visitor at the park was elated at seeing latest developments there. ''I have been to Pathari countless times but I haven't thought that a beautiful park like this would be constructed here'', said Limbu, ''I am so happy to see this.''  Limbu said he was mesmerized to see fountains and murals in the premises of park.

The park charges Rs. 30 for entrance to public. The entry is free for children below the age of 10 , elderly and physically challenged.  For boating, the fee is Rs. 50. Picnickers have to pay Rs. 1000 for a vehicle. Six concrete structures are constructed with charging facilities for picnickers.

 Inside parks are three ponds; the biggest one is spanned over 2.5 Bigha whereas two others are within the area of 1.5 and 1 Bigha respectively.

Located within 5-minute-walk from East-West Highway of Pathari Shanishchare Municiality-1, the park is reached within a minute in two and four wheelers.  It talks around 20 minutes to walk around the park area.  Started to give facelift since 2072 BS, the park got more attraction in the last couple of years, said chairperson Gurung. ''In the last two years, we have invested a lot in the beautification and other infrastructures inside the wetland area'', Gurung added, ''We have invested around Rs. 25 million so far from multiple fronts.''

Gurung said a Detailed Project Report (DPR) worth of Rs. 180 million has been finalized. ''According to our DPR we are planning to construct restaurant, bar, elderly park, meditation center, auditorium accommodating 400 people, nature information center for measuring earthquakes and rains, and the likes.''  RSS