Itahari: Among the 28 stone statues scattered on the premises of Taltalaiya of Itahari, a stone statue stands out uniquely. Visitors stand beside this beautifully chiseled statue to click pictures and film their TikTok videos. It a stone statue which is shaped in human heart. Who created this statue?

The artist who created this famous statue is Tanya Preminger. She is from Israel. She had made this statue in a 18-day-long sculpture symposium starting from 23 January 2016 at Taltalaiya. She was among other four fellow foreign artists at the first sculpture symposium at the city.  Now Tanya is 77-year-old and she is still making her artistic tours worldwide. Tanya said she traveled to 37 countries and has been part of 252 symposiums, competitions and exhibitions. She was awarded 23 times on various locations and occasions.